• What Is 60 Seconds! and How to Play? What Is 60 Seconds! and How to Play? 60 Seconds! is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The player controls a character who must survive for 60 seconds in the lead up to a nuclear attack by the fictional country of Ostrov. The gameplay is divided up into three different sections; scavenging for resources, crafting, and...
    • 6 April, 2022
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  • Latest Update - April 2022 Latest Update - April 2022 We're bringing in a new set of features and fixes to the game to make your experience with 60 Seconds! better. 60 Seconds! is a timed game where you spin a wheel to earn money and then invest it in a circle of a random business. The goal is to make as much money as possible before the time runs out....
    • 5 April, 2022
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  • 60 Seconds! Patch Notes 60 Seconds! Patch Notes The latest update to the highly addictive 60 Seconds! game includes a new game mode called “Survival”. Survival mode is a timed mode in 60 Seconds! where the player has to stay away from the ever-growing nuclear radiation. Players also have the option of activating the “Defend&rdqu...
    • 4 April, 2022
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