60 Seconds! Patch Notes

  • 4 April 2022

The latest update to the highly addictive 60 Seconds! game includes a new game mode called “Survival”. Survival mode is a timed mode in 60 Seconds! where the player has to stay away from the ever-growing nuclear radiation. Players also have the option of activating the “Defend” mode, which means they need to fend off the oncoming waves of radiation.

The update also includes some new features and fixes players have been asking for. There is a new menu that is accessible to players at all times now. There’s a new “Total Score” counter, so players can see how much they’ve achieved. There’s a new “Nuclear Waste” counter, so players can see how much time is left for them to survive. Finally, the update includes some bugfixes and performance improvements.

60 Seconds! is an action-puzzle game that spawned from a simple idea of a robot being stuck on a planet and needing to escape. The robot has 60 seconds to escape and can be controlled by the player to complete a series of puzzles.

One of the newest features introduced in the latest 60 Seconds! update is the ability to use the game's passive bonuses in the main game. The passive bonuses are unlocked during the game and are applied indefinitely, so players are able to use their bonuses while they're waiting for their next turn. The update also includes a few bug fixes and improvements, including the addition of four new leaderboards.

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