Latest Update - April 2022

  • 5 April 2022

We're bringing in a new set of features and fixes to the game to make your experience with 60 Seconds! better. 60 Seconds! is a timed game where you spin a wheel to earn money and then invest it in a circle of a random business. The goal is to make as much money as possible before the time runs out. In 60 Seconds! update 2.0.0, the first thing players will notice is the new, darker and more colourful interface. The new interface has been designed to help players see the game better and enjoy it more.

Besides the new interface, the game also features new features and changes. The game now has a new system for inventory management. Players are now able to store 10x more items, and there is no need to tap on the screen to open the inventory screen. The game also features new weapons, new cars and even new locations. The new update also provides a new kind of weapon, a shotgun. The new weapon is a great addition to the game and will be a great help for players.

60 Seconds! is now a more welcoming game for newcomers to the game, as it features a new tutorial, which explains the game's features in detail and offers a quick way to learn the basics and start playing. Besides new features, 60 Seconds! update 2.0.0 also includes fixes and improvements. Many issues and glitches have been fixed and the game now runs better than ever.

In the latest 60 Seconds! update, we have fixed a bug that caused the game to crash at startup. We have also increased the difficulty of the game by reducing the number of points you get for hitting a singer on the head. We have also introduced a new feature in the latest update that allows you to change the singer's clothes. This will allow you to get different items to use for the different cases.

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